Just a small prototype game.

Play as a cat and protect your home from mini helicopters by shooting them out the sky with a tank. Collect crates that fall from the sky containing special items such as laser cannons. Call in backup from more cats with jet packs. Save money to buy new parts and upgrade your tank with force fields, speed boosts and jumps.


A and D = Movement

Space = Shoot

W = Jump (if unlocked)

Made withConstruct
Tagsanimal, cat, jet, kittens, laser, pixel, tank, War
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hey duuuuuude! This is amazing!

Little recommendation: make jumping happen with W instead of the mouse (it's really wierd using the mouse when until then, the mouse wasn't used)

also before being able to jump, aiming helicopters that are higher was a bit hard

Those are my recommendations. Love the game! Upgrades were a good idea, although it's just one level it gives the player a gal and something to do. You could definitely turn this into a bigger game if you made more levels and added missions and upgrades

Also, I'd zoom out a bit from the screen, to be able to see further in front and behind

Love the game. I like the art too

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Thank you for your feedback and for following.

The reason for the mouse controls for jumping is because this game was going to be (and at one point was) on android so touch controls were sort of carried over when designing this browser version. I will look into changing this to the 'W' key as you have suggested soon.

This game has been released as a prototype and therefore I can't guarantee frequent updates, the purpose of having this game in a prototype form is so that I could get an insight to whether development of this game should continue. Although i'm glad that you enjoyed the game, so far the amount of players it receives is not high enough to warrant frequent updates with the most players in a day maxing out at 3 players and on average 1 per day. I am a student and therefore still have to prioritise other projects such as an assessed programming project (which i'm gradually starting to hate as the deadline approaches).

If the game starts to get more interest from players I will definitely return to making major updates but for now its going to have to remain a prototype.

Again thank you for your feedback.

Makes sense! Good luck on your assesment